How Independents will save the Republic!


Our current system is designed to support the parties and not the people.  The parties create stories and narratives for their gain, they thrive on conflict.  It is simple logic.  Why would you replace one politician for another if all was going well?  The party not in power needs to paint a negative picture of things, so you as a voter will be inclined to replace the incumbent with the new candidate.  Let their be no mistake, the real motivation in politics is power and money.  Many of those in office now, are paid large salaries (compared to most Americans) to represent their communities, when in fact they lack the basic skill sets we require in people we hire for less impactful jobs.  How can you represent your community when your entire career has been spent outside of it?  We need to find leaders.  Leadership does not come from a commercial asking for your vote.  It is found in the neighbors lending a hand with little regard for themselves.  Leaders derive their support based upon actions and deeds, and is given freely without solicitation.

Enjoy this holiday with your family and neighbors, and remember that the next great leader, could be you.

Happy Independence Day!

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